Improving service processes worldwide

I am convinced that the services provided by governments, companies and healthcare can be further improved: easier for the customer and less expensive for the provider. I can offer my advice and perseverance to assist you in making strategic choices, improving your processes, and fine-tuning information management.

Higher satisfaction at a lower cost

My aim is to further improve your service processes. Simplified processes are less prone to error and have shorter turnaround times. This improves quality and customer satisfaction, while lowering cost at the same time. While this approach stems originally from the manufacturing industry, it is surprisingly compatible with the service processes in government, healthcare and service oriented enterprises.

Expertise & experience

I am a professional management consultant and interim manager with 15+ years of experience in profit and non-profit Organizations . My educational background includes two master’s degrees including an MSc in Communications and an MBA with emphasis on organisational change. I am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, have excellent analytical and problem solving skills and I am experienced with project and programme management.

Improving around the globe


Ron van der Kolk MSc MBA